Take control of your technology to unleash its full potential and maximize your productivity. Relax and call us for your:
Inventory/Assessment: We will give you a complete assessment of your current computer system/s as well as your network and assist you in upgrading or purchasing any new systems to assure that you are using the best technology available within your budget.
Scheduled Maintenance: For your peace of mind and to avoid any lost downtime, Brewster PC Solutions offers an affordable, customized monthly maintenance program.  Now, you can ensure your computer and network are running at peak performance.We will perform a system clean up, spyware removal, registry check, download and install updates, check hard drive for errors, defragment the drive and check that backups are funtioning to assure your computer runs at peak performance. Regular maintenance will help your computer run faster, more efficient  and increase download speed.
Support: We will be there to assist you in any problems you may have from hardware, backups, virus protection, firewalls to software.Whether it's a computer freeze or you can't get a software program to do what you want, we can help you get back to business fast. From a quick phone call, remote access to an onsite consultation, we deliver the level of customer service you need . . . when you need it.
Training: We specialize in showing you how to improve your computer skills to get the most out of your computer investment (both hardware and software) for maximum productivity and to enjoy your personal technology experience.
PowerPoint Presentations: We will create a presentation for any situation and train you how to present.
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Networking, LAN, WAN, Internet and Remote Setup: As technology moves towards more remote and mobile technology we have made it a priority to learn these emerging products.  We can troubleshoot and correct networking issues that cause data loss, productivity loss and employee frustration.

Windows Server Installation or Migration: MS Windows Server Versions have a limited support life, usually three years after the next release from Microsoft. We specialize in upgrading your server without major interruptions in your business operations.  If needed, we work weekends or off hours to insure this.

Technology Consulting Services: We analyze a business need and recommend solutions, then negotiate pricing. We are your IT representative who understands all the technical terminology and will not be fooled by false promises from salesmen.

Software and Hardware Installation/Support: We can handle installation and configuration of all the current software and hardware on the market today. With our years of experience we are also familiar with the older legacy products still in use. We have experience installing and maintaining Point of sales, Reservation, Databases, Intuit QuickBooks, Act, MS Office, MS Exchange and many other business applications.

Iphone & IPad configuration and integration:  We can setup your Iphone/IPad to get email, talk to PCs or connect to domain and buisiness applications
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